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"All of Our Customers receive the same Courtesy, Respect and Professionalism, whether they are Buying, Selling, Trading, Repairing or Appraising."

Leo Anglo, General Manager




We Have Estate Diamonds & Jewelry

that we have been asked to Liquidate!


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Many Diamonds sites list diamonds like a grocery store.   We like to mix high tech with old fashioned warmth.   We use the Internet to introduce Our Store, Our Staff, and Our Services to potential customers, but there is nothing like a face to face meeting followed by a handshake.


METHOD 1:  We have over a million dollars of Estate Diamonds that we have either in stock or on consignment.   So if you are in the market, come in and take a look.   Let Our professional Staff that you are interested in the "Estate Diamonds"; there are true savings available.   The "Estate Diamonds" were either purchase from private individuals at huge savings, or on consignment from individuals wanting to sell their diamonds.


 METHOD 2: You can come in or email us your contact information indicating what kind of diamonds you are interested in.  As Diamonds become available, we will contact you via email and give you the first option to view them and buy them.   These Diamonds are often purchased for less than true "wholesale".   


Now you ask "How can Diamonds they be purchased below true wholesale",?   Simple, a Private Individual wants to liquidate a diamond, we don't want to tie up funds and plan to liquidate it to a Diamond Dealer, the Diamond Dealer is going to buy it for less than what he is going to sell it to a Retail Jeweler for.   To sell it quickly, we would prefer to sell it to a Private Customer and give them the "deal".   In this way we are serving two customers, the seller and buyer.  We have Two Satisfied Customers!!  We have had customers needing to liquate a large diamond, we found a Consumer that purchased it for 20% less than what it would have cost us to buy from a traditional diamond dealer, and the seller made about 25% more than their alternatives!  


A Win-Win-Win situation.


We have had Consumers, Private Collectors, Private Investors, and Diamond Dealers who have purchased these "Estate Diamonds" from us.    


Either Method you can truly save up to 50%

If you would Like to be on Our Direct Contact list for All Estate Diamond Opportunities, or if you are looking for a particular Shape, Size and Quality; fill in the form below.