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St Louis Estate

"All of Our Customers receive the same Courtesy, Respect and Professionalism, whether they are Buying, Selling, Trading, Repairing or Appraising."

Leo Anglo, General Manager


Cash For Gold
Cash For Jewelry

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As a Full Service "Jewelry Buyer" . . .
We Pay for Your Gold, Diamonds, and

     We will not ask you to mail Your Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds, or Gemstones to some mysterious destination, not knowing if you will ever see them again or receive any money . . . . instead you will bring your items to us . . . a Recognized and Established Retail Jeweler who has been Professionally Buying precious metals, Gemstones, and Diamonds from private Indviduals for more that 25 years.


You bring your Estate Items in for us to inspect . . . which we do immediately and right before your own eyes.   You will be treated Professionally,Confidentially, and with the Courtesy you deserve; regardless of the reason you are selling the item(s). 

We will sort the items by Precious Metal Type and with or without gemstones.

We will then break down the value of each piece, Metal and all Gemstones

We may have up to three options for each of Your Estate Jewelry Pieces.

  • We will offer a Immediate Cash Price for any Item(s).  


  • We will use Our large network of Private Estate Jewelry Collectors, Estate Jewelry Brokers, and Retail Customers who are looking for Estate Jewelry to sell the item(s) in a few weeks.


  • We will clean up the Item(s), sell them in Our Retail Store on Consignment.


As a Full Service "Jewelry Buyer" . . .
We Pay for Your Gold, Diamonds, and