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St Louis Estate

"All of Our Customers receive the same Courtesy, Respect and Professionalism, whether they are Buying, Selling, Trading, Repairing or Appraising."

Leo Anglo, General Manager


We Have Estate Diamonds & Jewelry

that we have been asked to Liquidate!


Many priced below true Wholesale



These are all diamonds in Our store from Estates, they are priced to sell.  


Some are priced to SELL FAST! 


We have Diamonds from 1/2 carat to 7 carats

  .90ct     Ascher Cut - G.I.A.


1.00ct     Cushion Cut - G.I.A.

1.71ct     Cushion Cut - E.G.L USA


  .98ct     Emerald Cut

1.06ct     Emerald Cut

1.40ct     Emerald Cut

2.16ct     Emerald Cut - E.G.L. USA

2.46ct     Emerald Cut - G.I.A.


2.30ct     Heart - I.G.I. 


  .87ct     Marquise E.G.L. USA

1.05ct     Marquise

2.02ct     Marquise - E.G.L. USA

2.06ct     Marquise - E.G.L. USA

2.08ct     Marquise 

2.12ct     Marquise - E.G.L. USA

6.08ct     Marquise - G.I.A.


  .75ct     Oval - E.G.L. USA

2.00ct     Oval - E.G.L. USA

2.02ct     Oval - E.G.L. USA


1.00ct     Pear

2.00ct     Pear - G.I.A.


 .91ct      Princess Cut

1.07ct     Princess - I.G.I.

1.18ct     Princess - E.G.L. USA

1.62ct     Princess - E.G.L. USA

1.66ct     Princess - E.G.L. USA

2.21ct     Princess - E.G.L. USA

2.22ct     Princess - I.G.I.

2.31ct     Princess - E.G.L. USA

2.51ct     Princess - G.I.A.

3.01ct     Princess - G.I.A.


1.01ct     Radiant

1.66ct     Radiant - A.G.S.  

5.64ct     Radiant - G.I.A.


1.00ct     Eighternity - G.I.A. & GEMEX


  .84ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

  .93ct     Round Briliant 

1.00ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

1.00ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.

1.01ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

1.03ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

1.04ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

1.08ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

1.06ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.

1.20ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.

1.26ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

1.31ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.

1.96ct     Round Diamond

2.00ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

2.04ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.

2.05ct     Round Brilliant

2.52ct     Round Brilliant

2.64ct     Round Brilliant

3.01ct     Round Brilliant

3.65ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.

4.48ct     Round Brilliant

4.50ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

5.19ct     Round Brilliant - E.G.L. USA

7.30ct     Round Brilliant - G.I.A.


  .90ct     Tycoon Cut - G.I.A.

1.51ct     Tycoon Cut - G.I.A.