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"All of Our Customers receive the same Courtesy, Respect and Professionalism, whether they are Buying, Selling, Trading, Repairing or Appraising."

Leo Anglo, General Manager


Sell Diamond
Cash For Diamonds

- We will buy it for Immediate Cash

- We will broker it to Private Dealers, Diamond Dealers,   and/or  Diamond Cutters

- We will sell it on consignment in Our Store For You

We will buy it for Immediate Cash

This is the most common solution the industry offers.  You get paid immediately and you walk away.   This option works best when you either need money NOW, or you just want to wash your hands of the item(s) NOW.

We will broker it to Private Dealers, Diamond Dealers, and/or Diamond Cutters

This option is for those who have larger diamonds of at least 1 1/2 carats.   You get paid within a week or two, but get a higher price than the "Immediate Cash" option.  You don't get as high as the"Consignment" option, but again it takes just a week or two to close the deal. 

Simply, under this option; we will get bids from Private Dealer/Collectors and those Diamond Dealers who are directly involved in the Diamond trade.   We take a 10% commission from the net proceeds for brokering the Item(s).   Any cost of shipping, Insuring, or getting a lab report is deducted from the gross proceeds.

We will sell it on Consignment in Our Store For You

This Option yields the best return for your Item(s).  We sell the item(s) to a retail customer for you, but you wait to get paid until it gets sold.  This option is best for those who want to get the highest price and/or have the time to wait for it to sell.   We agree on the price you will get for the item(s) as you leave them.   We insure the item(s) for the consignment price while in Our possession.